A group exhibition of contemporary Greenlandic artists, curated by SIIKU.

Exhibition period: September 10 – October 31 2021

Place of exhibition: Til Vægs, Lundtoftegade, 2200 København N (on display on seven public screens, every day 9-19)

The exhibition opening featured speeches by David Hertling Péronard of SIIKU and Søren-Emil Schütt of Til Vægs and a live dj-set by DJ AVIAJA.

With X UNLIMITED, SIIKU curated an exhibition with Greenlandic artists for the exhibition platform Til Vægs in the Nørrebro neighborhood of Copenhagen. A common feature of the featured artworks is that they concretely involve Greenlandic nature as a contrast to the urban landscape of Lundtoftegade, where Til Vægs is located.

In a time when our ecosystem is under pressure and people’s differences create conflicts in many places, the exhibited artworks remind us of the raw beauty of nature and its connection to ourselves, to others, and create reflection on our being in the world, our present and our survival possibilities in the future.

In the middle of Copenhagen’s public space, X UNLIMITED created a portal to Greenland’s current cultural production, but also a connection between Greenland and Denmark, between us and to the nature around us.


BOLATTA SILIS-HØEGH (b. 1981 in Qaqortoq, Greenland) is a trained visual artist from Aarhus Academy of Art with a number of exhibitions, publications and honors to her name. Silis-Høegh is one of the most prominent young Greenlandic artists at the moment. More info: Bolatta.com

NALERAQ EUGENIUS (b. 1986 in Ilulissat, Greenland) is a trained lighting designer and artist. Amongst other things, Eugenius has created spectacular light-based art in Greenland, displaying light and shapes upon the rock mass of local mountains.

SIIKU consists of David H. Péronard (b. 1981 in Nuuk, Greenland) and Rasmus Nielsen (b. 1984 in Lyngby, Denmark), who have respectively a digital and analogue background in the art world and began their collaboration as SIIKU in 2017 based on the SIIKU manifesto.

Supported by: Statens Kunstfond, NAPA – Nordens Institut i Grønland and Nørrebro Lokaludvalg