COMMUNICATOR, Copenhagen Light Festival 2022

The installation is inspired by communication and consists of two sculptures, each placed on their respective bridge. The sculptures are created from 8 illuminated aluminium curves each, which form an organically shaped bouquet at a height of 2 metres. When observed at a distance, the sculptures will appear as a complete whole due to the interaction between the light animations, which creates a dialogue between them. The work is an abstraction of language and code, visualized thought light. Festival guests can also experience the pieces up close and pass through them as they are crossing the bridges.

The computer-controlled lighting on the piece creates a compelling, meditative atmosphere, enriched by the beautiful reflections on the water in the channels. Communicator creates space for thought and admiration while playing with a mixture of symmetry, organic shapes and playful light elements in the architectural and natural surroundings of Ørestad.

The title Communicator is a reference to a communication device from the sci-fi TV series Star Trek, but also the name of a line of 90s era mobile phones for business from Nokia. Both suggest the idea of human communication, both before, during and after the current epidemic.

Commissioned by Ørestad City, Vandlauget & KLP Ejendomme 2022.

Location: Two wooden bridges at Ørestad Boulevard nr 59-61 and nr 73-75, Ørestad, Copenhagen

Materials: WS2812B LED-strips, Plastic, Teensy 3.2 microchips, OctoWS2811 framework, rolled aluminum.

Special thanks: Gadget Group & PMH Plast