A redirection of the ‘divine light’ that shines upon us – the people – in an everchanging experiential microcosmos, where humans are centerstage

Roskilde Cathedral – a UNESCO World Heritage site built from 1175 onwards and containing 40 royal graves and sarcophaguses – is particularly interesting from an architectural perspective due to its large windows facing the church square. These windows held great importance by letting the divine light into the church space.

LUX NOVA redirects and lets the light shine out into the streets, to and upon us – the people. Where the light beam hits the street, LUX NOVA extends into an everchanging experiential microcosmos, where humans are centerstage.

Members of the audience interact naturally with LUX NOVA by entering the organic microcosmos and exploring the installation. As the subject interacts, she/he becomes the central object of LUX NOVA.

LUX NOVA was commissioned by Roskilde Cathedral for Lysfest2020.

Materials: Moss, Trametes fungi, Aluminum, WS2812B LED strips, ESP8266 microchips, Teensy 3.2 microchip, Robe Spiider LED WashBeam, Chamsys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium Console