Photo: Viktor Sylvester Rasmussen

An ancient futuristic reimagination of a traditional farm house, presented as part of Copenhagen Architecture Festival CAFx, 2019.

With OMNI CHRONOS, SIIKU looks looks back on the present from the future in an attempt to create unity and across time. For the exhibition, SIIKU have created an ancient-futuristic redesign of a Danish farm. An archaeological relic of the past reinterpreted in materials of the future.

The exhibition title OMNI CHRONOS refers to a future which avoids demolishing or restoring buildings, but instead in an organic process reuses and reinterprets them. The exhibition is a tribute to architecture history and critical of current developments where historical buildings and environments are demolished to make way for new architecture.

OMNI CHRONOS is a part of Copenhagen Architecture Festival CAFx 2019 and is supported by Vesterbro Lokaludvalg.

The exhibition was on show April 4-14 2019 at Leth & Gori Gallery in Copenhagen.

OMNI CHRONOS was launched with an opening event on April 4 with spoken word performance by Jacob Hallgren – and closed with finissage event April 13 with spoken word performance by Silja E.K. Henderson.