OPUS UNITUM is a co-created light art installation in the shape of a pyramid, and covered by co-created artworks performed in ocean plastic and seaweed, backlit by light-animated fire. The artwork was created for and by the Festival of Endless Gratitude in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, September 2020.
The pyramid-shaped ephemeral public light art installation OPUS UNITUM, covered in individual artworks creatively crafted by 44 dedicated co-creators. Each individual artwork features two components - actual ocean plastic (recovered from the Copenhagen harbour by GreenKayak volunteers) and actual dried seaweed, joining the old nature and the "new nature" of our oceans in a symbolic unity. These were all created during the fittingly named Festival of Endless Gratitude, which took place in a repurposed church in the diverse Copenhagen-neighborhood of Nørrebro, September 10-13 2020.
Created by SIIKU and:

Elias Løfblad, Ellen Diamantoulis, Maria Meiga Gonzalez, Sara Houmann Mortensen, Jens Erik Larsen, Elise Reine, Mia Elisabeth Nielsen, Bjarke Valentin Petersen, Ørn, Didde Bang, AK89, Ocean Grief, Morten Bruun, Martin K, Joakim, Gunilla Vesterberg, Rikke, El-Abelø, Tete E, Anna Møller, Signe Palsøe, Meret, Vilmark , Michael, Mette Mørch, Marie K, Mia Tjørnum, Rasmus Stenfalk, Lars Buch, Ole S, Joel Pålsson, Kasper Würtz, Ronnie J, Jacob Ørstrup, Hans Jacobsen, Ida Albert, Kristian Holgersen, Tsvetan Nastev, Astrid Lykke

OPUS UNITUM was supported by Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen and Nørrebro Lokaludvalg.

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