MELTAGE (The Act, Result and Amount)
Melting bodies of ice leave behind traces of their time and surroundings.
SIIKU presented MELTAGE (The Act, Result and Amount), an exhibition revolving around the climate crisis and melting of the ice masses of the globe. The exhibition in Gjethuset in Frederiksværk showed SIIKU artworks from the past year together with completely new works with a local touch.
Our time and surroundings are characterized by high pace and high consumption, and we are marked by both - our collective, mental state is challenged, our nature infiltrated by waste, and around us the earth is burning, while the ice melts.
SIIKU's exhibition in Gjethuset commented on this new reality with a meditative art experience between luminous doors and floating organisms. 
MELTAGE (The Act, Result and Amount) was on show September 22 - November 3, 2019.


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