ILDHAAB is an artistic treatment of the imminent threat of the climate crisis in a mixture of organic material, “new nature” (plastic elements found and collected in nature) and new technologies, leaving the viewer with a touch of hope. At the exhibition, SIIKU presents painting, light art and a large co-creation artwork.
The exhibition title ILDHAAB is Danish for "Hope of Fire", and it implies our collective burning desire to create a better future together, while - as we all very well know - this very hope is going up in flames as we speak.
During the autumn holidays, SIIKU invites visitors at Bovbjerg Fyr to actively participate in the completion of the co-creation light artwork OPUS UNITUM, which is part of the ILDHAAB exhibition. The co-created elements will be included in the exhibition along with co-created elements from a corresponding co-creation event in Copenhagen in September 2020 - thus bridging the east and the west of Denmark in a communal hope of fire.
ILDHAAB opened on Sunday, October 4, 2020, and is on display at Bovbjerg Fyr until January 1, 2021.
Supported by Lemvig Kommune Kulturelt Samråd.

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