SIIKU is a collaborative art project on a mission to create solidarity in a world dominated by climate crisis and growing inequality.
Established in 2017 by Rasmus Nielsen (born 1984, Lyngby) and David H. Péronard (born 1981, Nuuk), SIIKU is an organic, artistic collaboration on a mission to build the emotional, experiential foundation for a new, shared perspective.
We are dedicated dreamers, motivated by love.
We care for each other and value our heirloom, passed down to us, and soon to be passed on to future heirs.
The SIIKU community
We believe in community. We thrive and survive through the kind help, support and love from the SIIKU community, including, with great appreciation and admiration:
Arttra Gallery, Jeppe Westrup
Nikolaj Graakjær
Pernille Guldbæk Rasmussen
Gregers Floor Fauerskov
Anders Møller
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