A redirection of the 'divine light' that shines upon us - the people - in an everchanging experiential microcosmos, where humans are centerstage.

A light art installation based on interhuman connectivity.

An installation art experience inspired by the Four Elements of the Alchemist for the Culture Night in Copenhagen at Thorvaldsens Museum.

Light portals to splendid new worlds.
SIIKU installated INITUS for the 2019 edition of the uniquely communal music festival, Avernax, which took place August 8 - 11 on the tiny south Danish island of Avernakø.
Avernax Festival 2019

A distorted geometric structure inhabited by co-created light creatures, joined by electric current in a meditative light animation.

An ancient futuristic reimagination of a traditional farm house,

Copenhagen Architecture Festival CAFx, 2019.

Reframing a historic monument and retelling a story anew.

A multimedia art installation of melting ice sculptures.
Children and adults alike felt an urge to take a closer look, shine a light and even touch the melting objects, loosing themselves in tiny details of the ice encapsulating natural items, frozen in time. 
Copenhagen Culture Night, 2019.

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