An experimental format, inviting festival participants to co-create elements of a pyramid-shaped light art installation.
The Pyramid is covered in backlit artworks elements created by 40 co-creators in a mix of ocean plastics and seaweed.

Commissioned by Festival of Endless Gratitude

An experimental project bridging the co-created art installation with the live performance.

Commissioned by Sorte Firkant Musikfestival
3rd edition

SIIKU presented the 3rd edition of PASSING at Kulturmødet Mors 2019, taking place August 22-24 in Mors, Denmark.
PASSING X Kulturmødet Mors was a collaboration between SIIKU, author-poet Silja E.K. Henderson and NGOs Plastic Change and GreenKayak.

Commissioned by Kulturmødet Mors
2nd edition

SIIKU presented the 2nd edition of PASSING at Avernax Festival - a radically communal festival event on the small island of Avernakø in southern Denmark.

Commissioned by Avernax Festival
1st edition

SIIKU presented the 1st edition of PASSING at CLICK Festival, the experimental art, science and technology event in Elsinore, Denmark.

Commissioned by CLICK Festival

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