SIIKU is an organic, collaborative art project on a mission to create solidarity in a world dominated by climate crisis and growing inequality.
Established in 2017 by Rasmus Nielsen and David H. Péronard, SIIKU is on a mission to build the emotional, experiential foundation for a new, shared perspective.
Rasmus Nielsen (born 1984 in Lyngby, Denmark) is a Danish artist, educated by apprenticeship to Iraqi/Danish artist Mahmoud Alibadi 2003-2004.
David H. Péronard (born 1981 in Nuuk, Greenland) is a Danish/Greenlandic self-taught artist with an academic background in Information Technology (MSc) and Philosophy (BA).

Nielsen and Péronard turn the elitist artist role upside down in their productions, and offer hope by virtue of their aesthetic-creative method, where they relate to nature's resources, preferably use recycled materials together with state-of-the-art technology, and reach out for participation from the outside world.
Inge Schjødt, Kunstavisen September 2020
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Statens Kunstfond
Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen
Den Grønlandske Fond
Vesterbro Lokaludvalg
Billedkunstrådet Vejle Kommune
Københavns Kommune - Rådet for Visuel Kunst
Christianshavns Lokaludvalg
Kulturelt Samråd Lemvig
Nørrebro Lokaludvalg
​Bornholms Regionskommune Kunst- og Kulturhistorisk Råd
Arttra Gallery, Jeppe Westrup
Nikolaj Graakjær
Ida Dalsgaard Nicolaisen
Pernille Guldbæk Rasmussen
Gregers Floor Fauerskov
Naleraq Eugenius
Anders Møller
Jonas Neergaard Jacobsen
Magnus Laursen
Elias Løfblad Eilertsen
Kim Lynge
Anders Bossen
Keld Hansen
Kim Vegeberg
Marie Braad Larsen 
Laila Lund Altinbas
We are dedicated dreamers, motivated by love.
We invite you to join us.
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